Included in our annual subscription is a copy of The Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies (JWLS), an academic journal published at the end of each calendar year. The Journal contains scholarly articles on Lewis and other relevant writers, artists, and cultural contexts. Also included in the subscription is an issue of the yearly Lewisletter (LL) bulletin, which details exhibitions, conferences, and events relevant to Lewis enthusiasts. Funds obtained from membership of the Society helps with production of JWLS and the LL; supports Lewisian events and exhibitions; and pays for the running and hosting of this website.

Subscription Rates

Here are the subscription rates for Wyndham Lewis Society membership. Subscriptions run from January 1st to December 31st each year.

Individual Membership

£22 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) UK
€32 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) Europe
$50 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) US, Canada & Other

Institutional Membership

£26 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) UK
€46 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) Europe
$55 (Paypal/SO/Cheque) US, Canada & Other

The Society offers payment by PayPal for ALL subscriptions.

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Memberships should be paid on 1st January annually to guarantee receipt of all WLS publications and to minimise the Secretary’s workload. Should you have any questions, please email Jo Cottrell.