The Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies (JWLS) is the pre-eminent scholarly journal dedicated to the life, paintings, and writings of Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957). JWLS is peer reviewed; seeks to make decisive contributions to Lewisian and modernist studies; and is a key resource for those exploring both fields. JWLS particularly welcomes work that places Lewis's thought, writing, and painting in relation to other figures from the period or alternative cultural histories. Please send:

- 7-10,000-word articles on Lewis's work (including essays putting Lewis's work in relation to other figures, cultural discourses, and intellectual traditions);

- 3-5,000-word short essays on Lewis's output, review pieces on the most recent Lewisian scholarship, or reviews of scholarly texts on topics of related interest (e.g. Cubism, Futurism, ideology critique, etc.);

- 1-2,000-word reviews of recent Lewis-related monographs and/or edited collections, including publications concerned with relevant figures in Lewis's social and intellectual circles.

NOTE: The Wyndham Lewis Memorial Trust also hosts a yearly essay competition. Winning essays receive £200 and are published in JWLS.

All submissions should try to engage with the most recent relevant scholarship. Suggested topics include:

- modernism / intermodernism / postmodernism
- painting / Lewis's visual art criticism
- the idea of tradition / making it new
- politics / political movements / political philosophy
- Lewis's neglected texts (early to late)
- philosophy / ideology critique / cultural criticism
- religion and Lewis / religious thinkers
- music / time / philosophers of the 'temporal'
- architecture and space / place / inhabited space
- popular culture / modernism and the popular
- Lewis as literary critic / Lewis and literary criticism
- film / drama / theatre / ballet / the music hall / poetry
- feminism / women's writing / masculinism / gender

Submissions ought to be formatted using the conventions outlined in the JWLS stylesheet.

To submit, or to discuss an idea for, an article, please contact the Editor, Nathan Waddell