Numerous institutions around the world have collections of published and unpublished material by or relating to Wyndham Lewis and his circle, including material donated by esteemed Lewisian scholars, collectors, and aficionados. [Updates in progress.]

University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Wyndham Lewis Collection

Cornell University, Wyndham Lewis Collection (1877-1975)

Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, printed material, graphics, and bound manuscripts by, to, or about Wyndham Lewis, covering all aspects of his career and life. Includes one of two known proof copies of his novel The Roaring Queen, which was withdrawn before publication; unpublished novels, short stories, essays, and notebooks; and manuscripts and notes for Lewis's published books The Apes of God, Self Condemned, The Human Age (including Childermass, Malign Fiesta, Monstre Gai, and a synopsis of the projected fourth volume which Lewis never wrote), Mrs. Duke's Millions, The Red Priest, Rotting Hill, Rude Assignment, and The Writer and the Absolute. Also included are diaries of Lewis's wife, G. Anne Hoskyns Lewis, from 1953-1967, and Civil War reminiscences of his father, Charles Edward Lewis.

C. J. Fox Collection, University of Victoria, British Columbia (2006-7)

The cornerstone of the collection in Victoria, British Columbia is the 65 core Wyndham Lewis titles, featuring several scarce or rare works, most notably Anglosaxony: A League that Works (1941). There are also first editions, limited editions, and signed copies. The remaining body of books (more than 770 items) includes many titles over and above those with contents dealing explicitly with Lewis himself. Details of the C. J. Fox Collection and other Lewisian materials held at UVic as follows: